Tuk In’s curry-in-a-naan concept is a convenient, hand-held snack, which is low in sugar and saturated fat and a good source of protein.

Each of the three flavours (Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Jalfrezi) is created using all natural ingredients including British Halal chicken breast.

Sanjay Sood-Smith, co-founder at Tuk In, describes the products as a "wholesome introduction to the grab-and-go market".

"There is an enormous variety of ’healthy’ bars and snacks available, however, when on the go, consumers may want something more substantial and that’s why we created Tuk In."

Tuk In is authentic curry mixed with pilau rice, all conveniently sealed in soft naan bread.

Chicken Korma is perfect for curry lovers who like exotic flavours but fear the heat. It is mildly spiced and creamy with the sweetness of coconut.

Chicken Tikka comprises succulent pieces of chicken breast in a creamy tomato sauce with a generous dose of ’va-va voom’ thanks to its chilli and paprika.

Chicken Jalfrezi is a spicy mix of onions, tomato, peppers, cardamom, coriander, chilli and garlic for curry lovers who like to give their taste buds a kick. Each retails at £2.75.