I’ve a confession to make. I don’t like football - I can’t see the point of it. There are a million things I’d rather do than chase a ball around a muddy bit of grass for 90 minutes. But that’s me. Apparently people love football. Okay - and here’s the second part of my confession - I don’t like football but I did go to a ’proper’ football match once (England versus Germany in Euro ’96) and it was exciting. Also, I have been known to watch the odd World Cup game and I have to admit that some of the players are very easy on the eye. Anyway enough of my confessions and onto the tips. My tip is to throw yourself into World Cup fever as much as you can. Everyone’s doing it already so there’s got to be money in it. The other day I went into M&S and had to fight my way past a large goal complete with model players just to get inside the door, and once inside I was greeted by red and white hats, balls and all sorts of paraphernalia.

Meanwhile, the big pizza operators are expecting a big boost in sales come June 9, when the games commence. Domino’s has launched a Football Fanatic pizza and will be using advertising featuring England striker Michael Owen, while Papa John’s is giving footie fans the chance to place orders in advance for pizzas to be delivered in time for kick off. Sounds likes a good idea, especially as many of the matches will be played around tea time.

If I were a forecourt operator I know what I would do. I’d gen up on all the match times, paying particular attention to England matches and other popular ones. Then I’d set to work publicising my outlet as the convenient one for footie supplies.

A good idea might be to put up some blackboards around the shop with reminders on. Something like ’Kick off is at such and such a time. Are you prepared? Have you got your beer and snacks?’

It would certainly catch the eye of those excited fans on their way home from work. But of course you’d need to keep well stocked up. Chillers need to be kept full of beer, if you’ve an off licence, and soft drinks for younger fans, so products are ready to drink as soon as the fans get home.

It would seem to me that love it or loathe it, the World Cup is an event that could really kick start your summer sales.