Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) has announced that it is launching its first multi-country of origin wine range, Squealing Pig, into the UK market.

A portfolio of six wines, Squealing Pig will offer consumers the chance to discover wines from Australia, New Zealand, France, Argentina and Italy all under one brand.

“Squealing Pig is a unique proposition from TWE,” said Kirstie McCosh, European marketing director at brand owner Treasury Wine Estates. “It is one of our first multi-country of origin brands and highlights our ability to source quality wines from across the globe. This is not only important in the current climate, but is also key when it comes to engaging our target consumer who demands ever more choice.

“With Squealing Pig we are giving consumers something new and exciting – the chance to easily explore different wine varietals from different countries all under one trusted brand, a unique brand personality which already resonates with consumers across the pond, and industry-leading AR technology. We are really excited to see how this market responds to it.”

Treasury Wine Estates will support the launch of Squealing Pig with a through-the-line marketing campaign comprising in-store, social, digital and sampling activity. Influencer marketing and social media content will tell the story of the brand while encouraging consumers into store to purchase.