Turtle Wax Europe has revamped the packaging design and advertising for over 600 products in the biggest relaunch for the brand in 15 years.

Turtle Wax recognised that most car care products were designed for men, yet women account for 40% of sales.

With a desire to make the brand more inclusive, the company selected Redshoe, with its experience in branding for women, to guide a strategy that would appeal to both genders.

The new look and feel leverages the distinctive Turtle Wax green and re-instates the iconic turtle logo at the heart of the design. In addition, the product portfolio has been restructured to simplify the purchasing process through an easy--to-shop, three-tiered system: Perfect Finish, The Main Line and Essential Range; designed to make it easier for consumers to select the right products for their needs.

The relaunch is backed by a new ad campaign called ’Life gets Mucky’, which communicates that cars are there to be driven and enjoyed, and drivers shouldn’t worry about getting them dirty.

Lesley Barratt, marketing director at Turtle Wax, said: "Redshoe has been pivotal in helping us put the Turtle brand essence back in the spotlight. The latest design and brand positioning feels intuitive and relevant and we are confident it is going to be a hit with all consumers."

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