The biggest shake-up of Wagon Wheels in more than half a century has been announced by Burton Foods. The focus is on six key improvements, including the fact that both variants will be covered in real chocolate; the cinnamon flavoured biscuit will be replaced by a chocolate flavoured biscuit; and Wagon Wheels Original will be replaced by Wagon Wheels Chocolate and will have a chocolate sauce centre.

They will be available in multi-packs of six with a rrp of 79p, eights with a rrp of 99p, and 12s with a rrp of £1.49.

A new packaging design will support the re-launch, which will be accompanied by a ‘through-the-line’ campaign including posters, local press dvertisements, radio advertisements, back-of-seat advertising, beer mats, downloadable mobile phone games and a road show where men and boys can compete for free Wagon Wheels.

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