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    Get your fill


    Gone are the days when petrol pumps were simply about dispensing fuel. The technology fitted to dispensers has moved on considerably in the past decade, with manufacturers continuing to bring new technology to the UK market. Adrian Beeby, sales director at Tokheim UK, says retailers are looking for the whole ...

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    Road to recovery


    The hot topic in the pumps sector this year looks set to be Stage II Vapour Recovery(VR) - and the deadline is approaching fast. In just over 18 months any retailer selling more than 3.5m litres of petrol a year will need to comply with the new legislation, with an ...

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    Pump stakes


    With all the talk about profits that can be made from the shop side of the business, it could be easy for the forecourt retailer to lose sight of the one thing that sets his operation apart from all the convenience stores in his vicinity. And that of course is ...

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    Making the grade


    Pumps are the backbone of the forecourt business and advances in technology mean that a retailer’s options are ever-increasing. The advent of Chip PIN-enabled outdoor payment terminals means that unmanned or day/night operations and fast-fuel lanes are now secure possibilities. New fuels such as bio-diesel and LPG offer ...

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    Fuelling in the future


    Pumps are at the heart of the forecourt business and the choice of pump is crucial if business is to prosper. Inevitably, as technology improves, pumps become ever-more sophisticated – consumers are already getting used to seeing screens and hearing audio instructions as they fill up as well as using ...

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    As site numbers continue to dwindle and more oil company sites move to the independent network, the pumps market will see a flurry of investment from forecourt retailers, according to pump supplier Dresser Wayne UK. Alistair Clarke, sales marketing director for Dresser Wayne UK, says: “Independent groups are ...