While having a satisfying rant over stamps, Steve had tempted fate by saying that at least the reduction on margins for phone cards had finally stopped. Oh dear. Five days later, down they went again. His next delivery from Dextra Solutions revealed margins reduced to as low as 3.5 per cent on most networks, “an insulting margin”. Once again, he rang to complain and to ask whether the reduction was down to Dextra or the networks. Dextra, said the girl. Steve explained (politely, he stresses) that, with credit card costs being what they are, it was unviable for him to offer phonecards at this pitiful margin. Her reply gobsmacked him. “Ok, give me your account number and I will close it.” So he did. “It speaks volumes for their commitment to their business and customer base. I only hope there are other retailers who will follow suit and tell them to shove their business where the sun don’t shine,” says Steve.