The flyer from Our Price offered ‘amazingly low priced, fast-selling chart DVDs’ along with a free counter display, window poster, delivery, 25 per cent profit margin on every DVD sold and a 100 per cent sale or return guarantee.

A number of you rang up to enquire whether Our Price and Deal Direct were one and the same. Those who were still owed money by Deal Direct were especially interested. Legally speaking, no, they are not the same. But the man behind both companies is Lee Skinner (aka Crazy Eddy’s). Crazy Eddy’s is in voluntary liquidation, Deal Direct and its sibling Price Slasher have ceased trading and Our Price surges forth into the market and some of us get déja vu.

Still, there is no reason to assume that this incarnation won’t work. Indeed Crazy Eddy’s lasted for years and had many satisfied customers. The advice to everyone is standard: read the terms of the deal carefully and build in your own no-risk guarantee by paying by credit card. This way you will have some comeback should it all go pear-shaped.