As one petrol retailer observed to me recently, you can hardly walk across the forecourt without breaking some regulation or other.

The Association of Convenience Stores phoned with a query on age-related goods. One of their members wanted to know the legal age for selling petrol. Apparently trading standards had been unable to come up with a clear


I, in turn, referred to the Petrol Retailers’ Association where a spokesman said it is not an issue for anyone over the age of 18 and it is okay for a 16/17 year old to sell it as long as he/she is supervised at the point of sale by an adult. Much like the law on selling booze.

On a not totally unrelated subject I would remind everyone that, now it’s illegal to use the mobile phone while driving, a lot more punters will be trying to catch up on their calls when they stop to refuel.

Many still seem to be unaware that they shouldn’t use their mobiles on forecourt, so you might want to put up some nice big signs for the New Year.