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    Chairs lift sales


    Non-food shop promotions are now an established part of the forecourt offer, and the market is filling up with companies offering forecourt-focused products, ranging from lighters and torches to radios and even pruning shears. With margins around 30% and management of the category fairly low-key, it’s easy to see why ...

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    Flowing underground


    Tanks and pipework might make up the unseen part of the forecourt, but nothing is more integral to the successful operation – and safety – of the site. Tanks and pipes are governed by strict regulations, which mean retailers must keep an up-to-date written risk assessment of underground equipment and ...

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    Money spinners


    Car washes can offer retailers high margins of up to 80%, but many retailers don’t give the car wash the attention it deserves – perhaps because it lies outside the shop, which has become the focus of many forecourts these days. As a result, many machines aren’t being used to ...

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    Festive flurry


    Okay, so you’ve been bombarded by Christmas sales bumpf since June, but now’s the time to get really focused – the final few weeks really can make a difference to the bottom line.

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    Better by design


    Forecourt design and shopfitting are the foundations of any forecourt business. After all, if the forecourt doesn’t look inviting or doesn’t advertise its services properly to passing traffic, then the business will fall at the first hurdle because nobody will come in. “The site needs to project an inviting appearance ...

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    Taking control


    Motor fuel is the forecourt retailer’s key commodity, and with margins so tight it is crucial that none is ‘lost’ unnecessarily. However, wet-stock loss remains a real problem for most petrol retailers with issues such as leaks, vapour loss and even faulty equipment meaning there can be large variances between ...