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    Government to delay biofuel targets


    The Transport Minister Andrew Adonis has announced plans to revise the government’s biofuels targets while ploughing more money into research in the area. Last week Adonis said the rate of increase in the use of biofuels should be slowed to 0.5% a year, and that the level for the ...

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    Biofuels not meeting green targets


    About 80% of the biofuel sold at UK pumps fails to meet government environmental standards, according to a report by the Renewable Fuels Agency. In its first monthly report on fuels supplied under the Renewable Transport Fuels Organisation (RTFO), the government agency said just 19% of the biofuel supplied met ...

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    Biofuels the hottest topic at Esso forum


    Concerns over handling biofuels on the forecourt were the hot topic at last month’s Esso Dealer Forum, which was themed ’In Good Company’. The two-day event, held at The Belfry hotel in the West Midlands last month, included a series of seminars on topical issues, with the biofuels seminar proving ...

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    Geared up for biofuels


    Pipework and tanks specialists PetroTechnik and Cookson Zinn (CZ) have announced that they are both ready for the move to biofuels. PetroTechnik’s sales and marketing director, Stephen Maley, said: "We are well placed for the changes that are coming to the fuel industry. "Customers who have installed UPP ...

  • Government scientist gives biofuels warning

    Government scientist gives biofuels warning


    The government came under increasing pressure regarding biofuels this week after the UK’s chief environment scientist called for a delay in policy. Professor Robert Watson said ministers should wait for the results of an inquiry the government has commissioned into the sustainability of biofuels before implementing the Renewable Transport Fuel ...

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    RSPB demands halt on biofuels


    Environmental campaigners have called on the government to cancel plans to introduce biofuels at the petrol pumps next month over fears they may actually cause more pollution than than fossil fuels. The RSPB has urged members of the public to email Secretary of State for Transport Ruth Kelly to ask ...

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    Environmental impact of biofuels is concern says Royal Society


    Biofuels on their own cannot deliver a sustainable transport system and must be developed as part of an integrated package of measures – but the environmental, economic and social impact of such developments must also be taken into account. These are the conclusions of a report by the Royal Society, ...

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    New biofuel brand heading this way


    FCL Biofuels has joined forces with European sustainable fuel company Prio SA to launch the Portuguese consumer brand PrioBio into the UK. It will be available to fuel retailers from November 1. By the end of the year the partnership’s two biodiesel refineries will have a total capacity of ...

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    New rules will open biofuel floodgates


    A new ’homebrew’ revolution is set to increase biofuel production after the government relaxed duty rules. The law previously required anyone producing biofuel to pay duty of 28.35p on every litre as well as submit returns to HM Revenue Customs and to hold a permit. However, ...

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    New biofuel from Harvest Energy


    Fuel company Harvest Energy has launched a new fuel which claims to reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 18% and sulphur emissions by up to 90%. Called Harvest BioDiesel B30, it is blended in the UK from renewable resources and has a maximum biodiesel content of 30%. In every ...

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    LPG beats biofuel in carbon-cutting race


    LPG autogas is the answer to reducing motor carbon emissions, according to Mike Chapman, autogas manager for the LP Gas Association. He said that while the debate continues about the carbon benefits of biofuels, it is a known fact that LPG reduces emissions from petrol vehicles by 20%. In ...




    The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) is calling on the Chancellor to cut duty on biofuels in next week’s Budget to encourage investment in the product and the necessary infrastructure to deliver it. PRA director, Ray Holloway said: “A cut in duty on biofuels would generate demand and help expand this ...

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    Greenergy calls for tax break on biofuel


    Greenergy is calling on the Chancellor to support the development of the UK biodiesel market by introducing a targeted duty incentive to promote blended biodiesels. The company recommends that the government introduce a duty rate for five per cent biodiesel blends set at 1.4 pence per litre below the duty ...