Pipework and tanks specialists PetroTechnik and Cookson & Zinn (CZ) have announced that they are both ready for the move to biofuels.

PetroTechnik’s sales and marketing director, Stephen Maley, said: "We are well placed for the changes that are coming to the fuel industry.

"Customers who have installed UPP pipework can be assured that it is fully approved for all new biofuels and the system will remain the safest method of transporting fuel underground."

He explained that many customers had been asking about the effect that the new biofuels were likely to have on CZ underground storage tanks.

But Maley said their view was that, while the tanks may need cleaning more regularly than at present due to the bacterial deposits associated with biofuels, CZ underground storage tanks were ideal for use with all biofuels.

For more information, visit [http://www.petrotechnik.com].

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