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    product news: Roberts Bakery unveils rebrand


    Roberts Bakery has rebranded as Roberts with the launch of a new identity, positioning and product offering. Underpinned by the brand tagline of ‘Embrace the New’, the Roberts’ new 13-strong portfolio is a mix of traditional favourites and unexpected firsts for the category. Roberts also aims to overcome the category’s ...

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    product news: Bear Nibbles teams up with Puffin Books


    Kids snacking brand Bear Nibbles and Puffin Books have agreed a partnership, aiming to introduce children into the world of reading. Bear and Puffin’s Big Book Club is launching this month. The club’s online hub will include a new Book of the Month every month with specially released content from ...

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    product news: Quaker Oats introduces Quaker to Go range


    Quaker Oats is expanding its offering with a range of Porridge To Go Breakfast Squares and Fruit & Oat Squeeze pouches. Both products will form part of the new ‘Quaker To Go’ range and will be available from mid-July catering for consumers looking for a satisfying, handheld breakfast solution without ...

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    product news: Hovis unveils lower carb bread


    Hovis is looking to meet consumer needs for a healthier and more balanced lifestyle with the launch of a new Hovis Lower Carb range. Launching on June 19, the range will be available across all channels and is set to sit alongside mainstream white, wholemeal and seeded loaves. Thirty one ...

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    Oats are on-trend


    Open any book on healthy eating and you’re bound to find porridge mentioned somewhere. That’s because oats have long been known to help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Plus they’re a filling way to start the day.Manufacturers have been quick to cash in, providing instant oats ...

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    Bring home the bacon


    Competition for the breakfast spend has never been fiercer. Cafés and coffee shops have been doing it for years but now more pubs and restaurants are promoting morning meals. American/Italian restaurant chain Frankie & Benny, for example, serves breakfast until midday with prices starting at just £3.95 with unlimited tea ...

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    Pots of growth


    With 24% of UK adults buying breakfast-to-go at least once a week, and each of them picking up two or three items on average (him! data), it would be foolish to ignore this huge sales opportunity. Retailers serving bacon baps and hot sausage rolls are cashing in, but not every ...

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    Morning missions


    Breakfast is so big at the new Essentials of West Meon store in Hampshire that sales are catching up with lunch. Manager Lucy Jordan says that from a hot food perspective, sales are definitely bigger at breakfast than lunch.You can see why when you realise that shoppers are guaranteed a ...

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    Taking the biscuit


    There’s a man in a pink dressing gown all over the telly at the moment, hunting down people who’ve missed their breakfasts. He tells them ’Breakfast is served’ in the form of Kelloggs’ Nutri-Grain Breakfast biscuits. But he’s going to be very busy, as research has revealed that one ...

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    Focus on Breakfast: Sunrise sellers


    While cash-strapped consumers are eating breakfast at home more regularly, the breakfast occasion remains in growth with report company Mintel estimating that one in five adults or one in four full-time workers eat breakfast out of home. The breakfast occasion can be divided into two areas the early breakfast ...

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    Early starters


    As with everything in life, you get different answers depending on who you speak to. So, when it comes to breakfast, if you speak to cereal company Kellogg’s they say more people are eating breakfast at home to save money. But if you speak to food-to-go specialist Country Choice, they ...

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    Morning story


    In its ’Eight tips to eating well’ recommendations, the Food Standards Agency advises people not to skip breakfast. However, a recent survey conducted on behalf of yogurt brand Onken found that 64% of people sacrifice breakfast for extra time in bed or the chance to get to work earlier. The ...

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    Wake-up call


    Nowadays breakfast means different things to different people. Eggs and bacon at the weekend, toast and cereal in the week. Yogurt and fruit if you’re watching your weight, and a croissant and coffee if you’re in a hurry. And forecourt operators have to cater for all these menus. They need ...

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    Rise & dine


    It might be dubbed the most important meal of the day, but busy UK consumers are increasingly prone to leaving home without eating breakfast. Research by Datamonitor shows that nearly one third of UK consumers are missing breakfast at home - on average that’s 114 per person per year. And ...

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    Morning stars


    Ask 20 different people what they have for breakfast and chances are you’ll get 20 different answers. And that’s because a lot of us don’t get time for a sit-down breakfast in the mornings and instead have to opt for breakfast on the run. So that breakfast could be a ...