I love trying a new product so was particularly pleased with my latest haul although as with everything in life, some things were better than others.

I have written quite a lot about protein bars so thought I had better start trying them. Then I spied two new bars: KitKat Chunky More. The first was with raspberries and hazelnuts and promised being a source of protein with 30% less sugar than similar products. I must say this was quite horrible. The raspberry content was like jam on top of the KitKat and did not impress me one bit. The second KitKat More was oats, apple and cinnamon which was a source of protein and fibre and again 30% less sugar. It was marginally better than the raspberry bar but not much. Needless to say I won’t be buying either again.

More of a winner for me was new Twix Salted Caramel. I mean what’s not to like? Chocolate, biscuit and salted caramel in one product; you can’t get better than that.

I also tried Mint Maltersers Buttons and these were okay but just a very strange combination. I’m sure they must have tested well in consumer research but mint flavoured milk chocolate with honeycomb pieces did not do it for me.

One new minty product that was a hit with me though was Extra Refreshers in peppermint and spearmint flavours. These are square chunks of gum in a box and they are really refreshing.

After all the sweet stuff I decided I should try something savoury and opted for new McCoy’s Fiery Steak. Now I’m a big fan of the brand thanks to its strong flavours and Fiery Steak did not disappoint. Cayenne pepper, dried onion and paprika extract are all used in the product to give it its kick.

I washed all my new products down with new Lucozade Revive energy drink in the Lemon & Lime flavour.

I’m not a massive fan of energy drinks but did rather enjoy this one. Apparently it’s designed to give you a ’naturally inspired uplift’ like a breath of fresh air or a splash of water to the face. It contains loads of B vitamins to help prevent tiredness, so that’s good but more importantly to me, it simply tasted great!