Question. Where should the site manager/operator spend most of their time? Answer. In the shop, looking after customers and ensuring that stock levels are correct and that the store is well merchandised, promotions to the fore.

This is one view of the retailing concept. Never before has ’retail is detail’ been so important. Increased operating costs, squeezed margins, means less and less time to complete tasks.

If any of the above sounds familiar then you may need the help of software to assist in all of the processes that go to make a shop/store more successful. Access to critical business information can give stores the edge over their competitors and provide a clear platform for success.

Most systems on the market today have a heavy reliance on sitting behind the computer screen, changing prices, checking margins, adjusting promotions most with three-week cycle ramps. This all leads to more time spent behind the screen and less on the shop floor. One of the ways around this is to use a system that operates in ’real time’ and has tools to assist the retailer spend more time in the shop. Free your computer time and use a system that provides a wireless handheld computer. The freedom will be amazing. Imagine using tools of the trade to complete tasks while you stand in the shop with the assured knowledge that whatever you do is translated immediately to the system. No downloading anymore. Real time upload and download. A computer that works with you. Imagine having sales and margin information literally at your fingertips, all leading to instant decisions. If you have a multi-site set-up this time saved is multiplied.

One of the companies that can do all of this is CBE. Its intuitive software is designed to assist the manager of the store to save time. Cleverly filtered reports sent via email on a timed basis ensure that you are kept fully informed at all times. Look at site information remotely utilising a set of tools designed to efficiently display what you need to see remotely. Data can be accessed on the move with tablet and smart phone reporting modules. Need to know what sells with what, and when, and for how much, then this information is easily accessed and presented in a clear, focused set of reports and graphs wherever you are.