Not sure if you noticed it, but last month Cadbury launched a new chocolate bar.

No worries if you didn’t because it’s initially available exclusively in Tesco’s. It’s called Cadbury Dark Milk and it’s a dark version of Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM).

Dark Milk has a much higher cocoa content than CDM, 40% versus CDM’s 20% but still that’s nowhere near the content of many other dark bars on the market.

Brand owner Mondelez says it offers consumers a ’more grown-up taste’ than CDM and is supposed to appeal to older consumers who find other dark chocolate too bitter. It’s already been launched in Australia, where it’s selling well.

For research purposes, I obviously had to try it and I liked it although I didn’t like the version with almonds in it.

Cadbury Dark Milk comes in 85g bars that are selling at £1.50. That’s quite pricey when you consider you can get a 95g bar of CDM pricemarked at just £1.

However, it wasn’t just the price that intrigued me on these new bars. You know how manufacturers have to describe a serving size on-pack nowadays. Well, Mondelez’s ’be treatwise’ recommendation on CDM is six chunks at 127 calories while on Dark Milk it’s just three chunks at 79 calories. Not sure how this adds up but it seems portion control is more generous if you are eating milk chocolate.

And, we’re always told that dark chocolate is good for us but Dark Milk has slightly more calories per 100g than CDM.

Moving away from Cadbury, I saw a Crunchy Praline Chocolate Wonder Bar from The Grown Up Chocolate Company when I was in a BP forecourt store recently.

I’ve written about these but never tried them so I just had to. It comes in a small eye-catching box and inside is a packet containing two small ’bars of joy’.

The product description says ’Two bars of caramelised wafer enticingly slathered in sumptuous praline encased in real milk chocolate. A true wonder bar’.

Am not sure how much I paid for it (probably a lot), but it was well worth every single penny. Now I just need to find a store near me that stocks them.