While travelling through France recently, I purchased a fabulous product called Nutella & Go! That exclamation is theirs, not mine, but it deserves it because it is so good. Remember those KP dips that were all the rage years ago? Pots of chocolate with biscuit fingers to dip in well this is like them, only better.

So you get a pot of delicious Nutella and a few biscuits to dip in mmmmm. I was very excited about this and wondered why it wasn’t available here.

But upon my return lo and behold within the news in the new Forecourt Trader Business Builder emailer (sign up for all the latest news, if you haven’t aready done so), the imminent launch of Nutella & Go! in the UK was announced. Yippee I thought, but then read that I am too old to buy the product as it’s aimed at teens and young adults. But buy it I definitely will. You see, while scoffing mine in the car on my journey through France, Mr West said he’d always been puzzled why I didn’t buy Nutella at home. Simple really if I bought it, I’d eat it and probably at the rate of one tub at a time because it’s so damn delicious. And it may be full of hazelnuts but it’s also full of calories so the new size & Go! will suit me just fine as long as they’re not on a ’two for one’ deal of course.

Another product that I consumed on my French adventure was cola Calippo why, oh why, can’t we have Calippos in cola flavour here? And, just prior to my break, I’d read that Asda was stocking a white chocolate and strawberry Magnum in an exclusive deal. That’s not fair, I thought, until I tasted one while abroad too sickly for me.

Moving on, and I must say that I used to be quite impressed with French motorway services but not any more. I think it’s because ours have improved so greatly yes they’re expensive but at least with all the concessions you have a decent choice of food. And don’t get me started on motorway service toilettes in France. They obviously don’t have a version of our Forecourt Loo competition over there, or if they do, they’re going for the ’worst’ rather than ’best’ prize. What’s with their aversion to toilet seats and lids? Do people steal them or something?

And the smells. Have they never heard of a cleaning rota? Or air freshener?

AlI I can say is ooh là là!