gold digestives

Pladis is launching McVitie’s Gold Digestives, a new product which brings together McVitie’s Gold Bars and McVitie’s Digestives in one product.

The new limited edition line features the classic golden-baked Digestive topped with the golden caramel from Gold bars.

Created in response to consumer demand, Pladis aims to build on the success of its debut extension to McVitie’s Gold – golden caramel coated individual wafer bar, McVitie’s Gold Billions Wafer – which was an instant hit with shoppers after launching in 2023, becoming the number two confectionery SKU in impulse (NIQ).

James King, marketing director – McVitie’s, pladis UK&I, said: “McVitie’s Gold Digestives have been created with the latest flavour trends in mind to unlock another golden sales opportunity for retailers.

“You only have to look at other snacking categories to see the further scope for growth when it comes to the gold flavour trend.

“The signs of success for McVitie’s Gold Digestives are strong. We’ve got a great track record when it comes to innovation for both McVitie’s Gold and McVitie’s Digestives, and we have an established, passionate fanbase who have been petitioning for this launch.

“Even better is that an overwhelming 96% of 18-35-year-olds have already expressed intent to purchase McVitie’s Gold Digestives (Kantar), clearly signalling the opportunity for retailers.”

Available in 232g packs of 15 biscuits (rrp £1.89), McVitie’s Gold Digestives will hit shelves in Sainsbury’s from July 7, before rolling out more widely across multiple grocery, convenience and wholesale from mid-July. For independent retailers, a channel-exclusive £1.99 PMP will be available.