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EDGEPoS, the EPOS software system from Henderson Technology, has been certified and is now partnering with Deliverect, the platform for managing online orders.

It is piloting Deliverect with five EDGEPoS UK forecourt and convenience retailers, who want to connect their EPOS system with Deliverect to meet the growing consumer trend in on-demand delivery.

Deliverect provides a software solution that brings together all online order and delivery channels, such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat, directly to an EPOS solution.

Key benefits include:

  • All online orders in one place
  • Central menu management
  • No need for separate tablets to manage delivery orders (traditionally retailers needed a tablet per delivery channel – sometimes managing up to 10 tablets)
  • No need for manual re-entry of delivery orders at the POS
  • Get insights and reports on product and delivery channel sales

Darren Nickels, Retail Technology operations director at Henderson Technology, said: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Deliverect, which we are launching to our EDGEPoS retailers next month. Being able to offer our retailer customers a hassle free delivery platform integration directly to their EDGEPoS system is a very exciting proposition.

“Deliverect not only provides an integration with EDGEPoS and linked delivery platforms, but it also allows the retailer to amalgamate all of their delivery partners, to have one central point for menu management and order management. It allows the retailer to reduce training and labour hours with one platform managing all channels in a fraction of the time.

“Keeping our customers ahead of retail trends is hugely important to us. That is why we have also developed one unique EDGEPoS/Deliverect feature. We have developed an auto snooze functionality when items are out of stock. This will provide our EDGEPoS convenience and forecourt retailers looking to integrate Deliverect with a super competitive edge.”

Joe Heather, general manager (UK & I), from Deliverect added: “Deliverect are thrilled to be partnered with Henderson Technology. With a shared ambition to deliver best in class technology to simplify retail operations, our integration has been built with our customer’s day-to-day needs top of mind.

“From streamlining order management to optimising sales analytics, our integration ensures an efficient workflow for retailers looking to benefit from extra revenue streams. Retailers can make data-driven decisions swiftly and with confidence whilst keeping in step with the grocery world’s ambitious progression into the world of on demand ordering.”