FT Asda PFS Tonypandy

Asda has started cutting prices at its forecourts, but without the PR fanfare that used to spark similar cuts among its supermarket rivals

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said: “Our data shows that, without advertising the fact, Asda has taken an average of 4.5p off the cost of litre of unleaded across its 320 sites in the last two days, and around 5.5p off diesel.

“While we’re pleased one major supermarket retailer has finally started heeding our calls to pass on the enormous drop in the wholesale prices of both fuels, the fact these price cuts have been made so quietly is surely admission that they should have come much sooner.

“Asda is now charging an average of 153.5ppl for petrol and 176.7ppl for diesel, which is around 2ppl less than its rivals. We urge the other three supermarkets to catch up quickly – or go even further – and give drivers some much-needed relief from high prices next time they fill up. If they do, this will bring the UK average petrol price down from its current 157.8ppl which benefit drivers everywhere.”

However, he suggested there was scope for deeper price cuts adding: “Despite these reductions our analysis of wholesale data shows this should really be just the beginning as there’s easily scope for another 10ppl to come off the current average price of both petrol and diesel. Perhaps it will be Asda which once again takes a leadership position by further cutting its prices to help drivers save money in the run-up to Christmas.”