British Gas

British Gas parent company Centrica and Ryze Hydrogen are to examine solutions for converting some of the British Gas fleet to hydrogen, including refuelling infrastructure, locations and van technology.

The news comes as the two firms have agreed to jointly develop hydrogen production projects on existing Centrica sites and work with third-parties to build production on their sites too.

The deal will combine expertise to kickstart the development of the UK hydrogen economy, targeting the mobility, industrial and commercial markets.

In addition, the partnership will explore how the UK can work with international hydrogen production facilities to move low-cost renewable power converted to hydrogen and hydrogen derivates to areas of high demand.

William Mezzullo, Centrica’s head of hydrogen, said: “Low carbon hydrogen will play a major role in decarbonising our energy systems. It enables the increased use of renewable and low carbon electricity by offering the potential for storage in quantities that provide long term resilience and another choice for decarbonising hard to electrify sectors.

“We should be bold in our thinking, the UK should aim to be a net exporter of hydrogen, providing high quality green jobs, additional revenues for the UK treasury and a lower cost of transitioning to Net Zero for homeowners and businesses.”

“It is clear from our conversations with Centrica that they are committed to making hydrogen a valuable component of its net-zero strategy. Ryze is at the forefront of green hydrogen production and supply and we are incredibly excited to share our vision for growth with an energy giant such as Centrica.”

Jo Bamford, green entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of Ryze, said: “The projects we have already discussed will be game-changing for the green hydrogen economy and will underline why hydrogen is such an important resource for the UK and the rest of the world in the fight against climate change.”