A robber who threatened petrol station staff that he had a gun and then stole more than £1,400 of items from a health and beauty store two months later has been jailed.


Daniel McGill, 36, of Carlton Hill, Carlton, Nottingham, entered the petrol station in Carlton Road with his face covered on 16 February and demanded staff hand over the till. Due to McGill’s face being covered staff were unable to understand him.

After becoming agitated, McGill then threatened the staff, insinuating he had a weapon in his bag. After the staff placed the cash register on the till, McGill took £129 and fled the petrol station on foot.

McGill struck again on 6 April 2020, at 1.40am, using a rock to smash the door and break-in at a Savers store close to his home in Carlton Hill.

Following an investigation by Nottinghamshire Police, McGill was identified as the suspect and arrested on 22 April. He was later charged with one count of robbery and burglary.

He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 27 months for robbery and 12 months for burglary, which will run consecutively, when he appeared at Nottinghamshire Crown Court on Thursday 21 April.

Detective constable Parminder Ahluwalia said: “The staff were left petrified following McGill’s actions which were unacceptable. No one should have to experience this when they go to work. We do not tolerate thieving and I am pleased that McGill has been removed from our streets, reflecting the seriousness of his crime.

“Robberies and burglaries affect businesses financially and we will continue to work with our community to ensure they feel safe.”