This week, Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAP) will launch its 100th scheme, in Biggleswade. The launch marks the introduction of Central Bedfordshire’s first CAP, as well as celebrating the success of CAPs across the country in tackling alcohol-related harm in local communities.

There is growing concern around the levels of underage drinking and street drinking in Biggleswade among local residents, councillors and retailers, so the introduction of a CAP will aim to tackle alcohol-related harm in the area.

ACS chief executive and CAP director James Lowman said that across the country CAPs have reduced the sale of alcohol to under 18s, driven down alcohol-related youth anti-social behaviour and increased local residents’ feelings of safety. By building coalitions between retailers, police, trading standards, local authorities, schools, youth services, residents’ associations, health networks and local charities, CAPs empower local communities to tackle alcohol-related harm among young people at its root.

Lowman added: “CAPs makes a huge difference to local shops and the places they trade. By bringing the police and council together with retailers, CAPs make a lasting change, cutting youth drinking and reducing anti-social behaviour that can blight many towns and neighbourhoods.

“As the 100th CAP is launched, all of the industry and public sector CAP partners should take a moment to reflect on the success of the CAP project, and commit to launching the next hundred CAPs so that more places can benefit from the fantastic work they do.”

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