A total of £1 million has now been recovered as a direct result of the BOSS Payment Watch scheme which helps retailers reduce losses from people claiming to have No Means of Payment (NMoP).

The considerable amount recovered is testament to the effectiveness of the BOSS Payment Watch scheme which is very popular with forecourt retailers, according to Kevin Eastwood, executive director at BOSS. “Since we launched the scheme BOSS has been able to recover £1 million for forecourt retailers which demonstrates that BOSS Payment Watch can make a difference to the bottom line,“ he said.

BOSS members include the BP company owned network, major independent groups including MRH, Sewell On The Go and the Central England Co-operative. In addition there are numerous Shell multiple site operators and dealers reaping the benefits of membership together with hundreds of independent fuel retailers.

David Craven-Jones, operations director at Sewell On The Go, which has all its 12 sites as members, said: “The BOSS Payment Watch scheme has proved to be very successful and now underpins the way we recover our No Means of Payment debts. We’ve also found that the scheme acts as a deterrent and that it’s clearly led to a reduction in our losses. Since we joined the scheme we’ve worked closely with BOSS to ensure that it works for us and when we take into account customers’ returning to site and paying within seven days, the recovery rate has jumped to over 90%.”