Almost a fifth of drivers (19%) have driven the morning after a night of heavy drinking, even when they think they could have been over the limit, according to a new Automobile Association (AA/Populus) survey.

Half of drivers (54%) though do try to avoid drink driving by agreeing a designated driver before a night out. The survey also highlights the tactics drivers employ to try to counter being over the limit the morning after, such as, drinking lots of water or having a fry-up.

To help provide guidance for drivers about these dangers, this year’s Christmas anti-drink driving campaign from the AA and Pernod Ricard UK will be fronted by a brand from the spirit company’s portfolio; Jameson Irish Whiskey. The decision was made in order to target the Jameson brand’s young adult audience.

The anti drink driving campaign is digitally focused and aimed towards 18-34 year old men. The message will reach this key audience through targeted buying; focusing on consumers whose internet behaviour demonstrates their interest in pubs, clubs and going out – making them an ideal audience to highlight a responsible drinking message from Jameson.  The targeted digital ads will run over the festive season into January 2015 on websites and will feature straplines including, ‘Driving? Enjoy a Jameson some other time’ and ‘The key to a great night. No car key’.

Edmund King, AA president, said: “It is encouraging to see that many people are choosing to select a designated driver before a night out but it’s really important that they also consider arrangements for the morning after too. Alcohol levels in the body can still mean that drivers are over the limit the following morning and we want to ensure that people are fully aware of this when they are making the decision whether or not to get behind the wheel.

“There are many urban myths and rituals used to try to counter hang-overs and reduce blood alcohol levels but the only save method is to drink less or give adequate time for the alcohol to leave your system. The same penalties, such as minimum year’s ban, for drink driving apply the morning after as they do the night before.”

Denis O’Flynn, managing director of Pernod Ricard UK, added: “This year we are using the Jameson brand to grab the attention of young adults who may be tempted to drink-drive. It’s clear that a lot of people are making the right choices but often they don’t realise the dangers of driving in the morning after a night of festivities.

“The Christmas period is a key time for our trade customers and they can also play a role in encouraging people to make sensible decisions when it comes to driving. We would suggest implementing simple ideas in pubs and bars, such as having a local taxi list accessible on the bar or allowing customers to leave their car in the car park overnight, to collect later the following day.”