The AA has written to the Chancellor urging him to resist hitting motorists and businesses in the forthcoming 2016 budget on March 16.

AA president Edmund King said he was concerned that the Chancellor might consider road fuel duty hikes as a ‘quick win’ to increase revenues.

King said that hard-working families relied on low fuel costs for their day-to-day driving and industry was dependent on motor fuel for deliveries and mobility of their workers.

He added: “The AA doesn’t expect low fuel prices to endure given the commodity markets are looking to lift the price of oil.

“We welcome the Government strategy to shield motorists from duty rises in the past because of previous fuel price volatility.

“But we urge the Chancellor not to use low fuel prices as an excuse to increase fuel duty now.”

A separate AA-Populus survey in February showed that only 12% of AA members agreed that fuel duty should be increased to help public finances.