The AA has launched a pre-election campaign urging drivers to question parliamentary candidates on what they will do to help drivers.

Using results on drivers’ views from the AA Populus Panel it has suggested the ten most popular promises for motorists would be:

Fewer potholes                             

Keeping motoring costs down   

Improving driver behaviour        

Widened roads                             

New junctions                               

Driver education                           

Road safety education on national curriculum

Regulation of private parking enforcers

Incentives to buy safer or greener cars

Free school buses and better public transport

Dedicated facilities for cyclists

Raise motorway limit to 80mph and enforce

Consult residents before streetlights are turned off

Edmund King, AA president, said: “There is always a fear that the motorist will be made the ‘cash cow’ once the election is over, when political parties feel they can quietly drop manifesto promises. Rest assured, the AA will be putting pressure on the parties to come clean on plans for fuel duty, vehicle excise duty (VED), company car tax and the use of tolls to pay for new and/or improved roads. Indeed, our research found 85 per cent of AA Members are concerned that motoring taxes will increase after the election.”