Top 50 Indie Fraser Retail’s Spar-branded forecourt store in Lower Earley, Berkshire sold 322 Cadbury Snowman selection packs in seven days after store development manager Nick Fraser, site manager Louise and her staff took part in an active selling workshop run by Capper & Co.

Nick had spoken to Steve Holcombe about the range of courses and workshops the Guild had to offer and decided to trial ‘Active Selling’ to maximise sales opportunities at the Lower Earley site. If successful he would roll the initiative out across the rest of the sites.

During the workshop everyone discussed the impact active selling could have on the business and how their behaviour and customer service skills could affect customer retention and increase sales.

Prior to the workshops, Nick had agreed the product to be up-sold with his account manager Andy Morgan, to ensure total availability throughout the trial. The product chosen had to either be value, topical or a new line. The Cadbury Snowman selection pack was both value and topical.

Throughout the following week, the team completed more than 10,000 transactions and spoke to as many customers as possible, resulting in sales of 322 units. Louise said: “Without the active selling workshop we would have only sold about 50 units. The team had great fun doing this and I think the customers appreciated it too.”

Nick Fraser added: “Not only was the workshop enjoyable and great fun, they certainly focused everyone on the opportunities active selling can give to the business.”

If the results from selling the selection packs could be replicated over 12 months, sales would increase by an incredible £17,000.

Aiming to maximise performance with this initiative, Louise and the team immediately set about getting geared up for more active selling activity in week one of P13, which featured the MaltEasters Bunny at 2 for £1. During the week ending 15th January, the store sold 330 deals.