Fuel card specialist AllStar has launched a supermarket fuel card - describing it as the only fuel card to be accepted at the four main supermarkets - Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Asda.

The card is designed to offer significant benefits to businesses, with its in-built fuel management tools that enable the monitoring of driver’s purchasing behaviour, report on ad hoc fuel usage and create a single consolidated HMRC approved invoice. AllStar says customers will also benefit from supermarket loyalty points.

Drivers will be able to claim loyalty points at Sainsbury’s - typically one point per litre of fuel; Morrisons, 15 points for every litre of fuel; and Tesco, one point for every pound spent.

“Allstar is the UK’s leading fuel management company," said Paul Baker, head of networks at Allstar. "We have invested significantly in our platform and have already delivered, e-billing, web self serve, Business Mileage Monitor and Allstar Plus as well as confirming our strategic partnership with Visa to deliver Chip and Pin fuel cards with HMRC reporting.

"Supermarkets offer everyday low prices for petrol, delivering huge savings in one of the most costly spending areas for many organisations. This easy to use card enables drivers to buy fuel and oil at the best possible price.”