Applegreen and the Road Safety Authority (RSA) in the Irish Republic and have teamed up to help drivers to combat the effects of driver fatigue over the May Bank Holiday Weekend by providing free cups of coffee to drivers at Applegreen service stations around the country.

This is the fourth year of the partnership which has seen over thousands of cups of coffee handed out to tired drivers over bank holiday weekends.

Michael Rowland, director of road safety research and driver education at the Road Safety Authority said: “Bank holiday weekends are a high risk period for road-users as there are typically more people on the roads, travelling greater distances. Therefore the potential to become tired while driving is increased.

“Our advice is to pull over as soon as you start to feel tired – don’t think that you can shake it off by opening the window or turning up the radio, you can’t. Pull over, drink a caffeinated drink and take a 15 minute nap. When you wake up, the caffeine should have taken effect, allowing you to drive for another hour or so.”

Applegreen chief operations officer Joe Barrett said: “We are delighted to partner with the Road Safety Authority on this important initiative to help drivers combat the effects of driver fatigue.

“Since this partnership started, Applegreen has provided thousands of free cups of coffee to drivers throughout the country, helping to reduce the incidences of driver fatigue on our roads. Road safety is very important to us, so we are proud to be involved in any intervention that contributes to safer drivers and safer roads.”