Asda has submitted planning applications for two new petrol filling stations (PFSs), with one near its supermarket at Arnold in Nottingham, and the other at its store at Antrim in Northern Ireland.

In Nottingham it is proposing to demolish Arnold Police Station, which is 150m from the Asda Supermarket, and construct a three-pump island (six filling positions) self-service PFS, including a jet wash bay and an area for air and water.

In its application it says the proposed PFS will be serviced three times a week by an Asda fuel tanker which is approximately 2.5m in width and 15.25m in length.

The application goes into detail about the path of the Asda fuel tanker entering and exiting the site. Delivery drivers will be advised to approach to site from the west and to exit in this direction also to ensure optimum manoeuvrability for the vehicle.

The one-way flow of the PFS will be reinforced by the provision of kerbed islands and high visibility surface treatments designed to accommodate the manoeuvre of the fuel tanker but to deter entry from the east.

In the application, Asda says at least 70% of visits to the site are expected to be from existing Asda shoppers, so it does not expect the plans to put a strain on the highways network.

The application in Northern Ireland consists of six pump stations, two underground fuel tanks (with a capacity of 75,000 litres each and measuring 2.5m in diameter), a retail kiosk with an ATM, two jet wash bays, and air/water and vacuum facilities.

It is expected to create around four jobs if the plans are approved.