Proposals to relax Sunday trading legislation from MP Philip Davies have been criticised by National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) chief executive Paul Baxter.

The MP has tabled a series of amendments to the Deregulation Bill which, if passed, would repeal the current laws and allow large shops in England and Wales to trade for longer on Sundays.

Commenting on the amendments, Baxter said: “These amendments are an attack on independent news and convenience stores. At present, the only advantage small shops have over their larger rivals is their ability to trade without restrictions on a Sunday. If the legislation is repealed, independents will undoubtedly lose business, as was demonstrated when the regulations were relaxed temporarily during the Olympics.

“I would encourage all MPs to vote against the amendments. The current legislation is a good compromise and to change it will threaten the future of independents on our high streets.”

The amendments are due to be debated when Parliament returns after the Queen’s Speech. The NFRN has sent a briefing to all MPs advising them to vote against them.