Autogas is urging Transport for London (TfL) to consider LPG options in new licensing proposals for taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs) with regards to the Ultra-Low Emission Zone in central London.

In order to tackle air pollution and emissions problems in central London, TfL is recommending a revised voluntary decommissioning scheme for taxis over 10 years old and the requirement that all taxis and PHVs new to licensing from January 2018 to be Zero Emission Capable (ZEC).

Autogas believes that TfL’s proposal to increase the charging infrastructure of electric vehicle charge points in order to support the uptake of ZEC-ready electric vehicles by the commercial sector (including taxis and PHVs), neglects already-established alternative fuels which could otherwise assist in achieving air quality goals.

Commenting on the Autogas submission to the consultation, Linda Gomersall, general manager of Autogas, said: “We are concerned that TfL has again ignored alternative fuels already in place that can contribute to its vision of reducing air pollution. We strongly support TfL’s objective of improving air quality in central London by reducing vehicle emissions and as such, we are continually looking for opportunities to work with TfL to deliver their goal in improving the capital’s air quality.”

Gomersall added: “It’s not just London that could benefit from more LPG powered taxis and PHVs. Councils across the country that are dealing with polluted city centres need to look at a range of fuel options and LPG could provide an ideal solution.”