Seven-pound Mason Cox was born on the forecourt of Alby Service Station near Norwich early on Monday morning.

According to the Eastern Daily Press, his mum Chelsea Nelson was being driven to hospital by her mum when she said she need to “push”. Chelsea’s mum Julia Macklan quickly pulled up at the forecourt and nine minutes later Mason arrived. He was born on the front seat of her small red Ford Ka at 5.49am. Paramedics then arrived.

Meanwhile, Alby Service Station’s general manager was inside the building getting ready to open.

He told Forecourt Trader: “I’d arrived at 5.30am, ready to open at 6am. I saw the ambulance outside but its lights were off so I just thought they were waiting for us to open, so they could fill up.

“I logged onto the computer and opened the doors at 6am as usual; I had no idea what was happening outside. The first I knew about the birth was the next day when the grandmother came in to tell us; then I saw it on the news. I’m just glad it all went smoothly. We have heard since that the birth certificate will give Alby Service Station as the baby’s place of birth.”