Procter & Gamble (P&G) is launching what is being described as the ’most revolutionary new product extension to the Pringles range yet. Available from the end of the month, the launch of new Pringles Rice Infusions will be backed by an £11m support campaign.

They come in four flavours: sour cream & onion, salt & vinegar, cheese & onion and sweet BBQ spare rib.

Unlike crisps which are sliced, fried and sprinkled with flavour, Rice Infusions are created by mixing flavours with ground rice, cooking them, then adding more flavour. P&G says this ensures that the flavour runs right through the snack.

To celebrate the launch, Procter & Gamble is giving readers the chance to win the new snacks.

Three prizes of a case of each flavour are up for grabs.