Tesco cut the cost of petrol and diesel by 2p at all of its petrol stations on Friday afternoon (November 28), with Asda and Sainsbury’s following the next morning.

Peter Cattell, fuel director for Tesco, said: “We’re pleased to announce that this afternoon we’ll be dropping the cost of petrol and diesel by 2ppl at all of our 500 filling stations. As Britain’s biggest fuel retailer this means more motorists can make real savings, something we know is especially important in the run-up to Christmas.

“We also offer Clubcard points and savings through Clubcard Fuel Save, which saves our customers up to 20ppl – customers have until Sunday to spend their fuel savings from October.”

Asda said its cuts meant its price ceiling on unleaded petrol would be 117.7ppl from Saturday.

Avishai Moor, Sainsbury’s head of fuel, said: “We’re dropping the price of unleaded petrol and diesel by up to 2ppl at all our petrol stations from tomorrow. This is another way in which we can offer our customers real value for money in the run-up to Christmas, which can often be an expensive time of year.”