BOSS has signed an information sharing agreement (ISA) with the Association of Chief Police Officers Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (AVCIS) that will enable the wider circulation of vehicles of interest, particularly with regards to linking vehicles that owe money for fuel to be linked to other criminality.

Kevin Eastwood, executive director at BOSS, said: “This is another positive step on behalf of all UK fuel retailers to reduce crime on Britain’s forecourts. By securing agreement with AVCIS BOSS will be able to share and develop data and intelligence on criminal activity with a view to identifying, detecting, disrupting and bringing to justice those committing forecourt crimes.”

Chris Hearn, deputy head of AVCIS, said: “Working more closely with BOSS and forecourt retailers we will help us to reduce vehicle and vehicle-enabled crime by building greater knowledge of criminal activity.”

AVCIS is a national intelligence unit that not only runs its own operations and investigations but also disseminates key data, intelligence and advice to police forces, industry, government and other enforcement agencies. In recent years the UK has seen a notable reduction in vehicle crime, with thefts of vehicles falling from 378,000 in 1997 to around 90,000 in 2013.