BP Chargemaster claims it is now the most-used public charging infrastructure operator in the UK. It has revealed that the public charging points it operates in the UK are regularly supplying more than 60 MWh (60,000 kWh) of energy per day, equating to around 1.5m miles per week of driving by electric cars.

David Newton, COO of BP Chargemaster, said: "We have seen incredible growth in the utilisation of our public charging network over the past 12 months, with both the number of charging sessions and number of users more than doubling, and the amount of energy supplied almost tripling. This reflects the larger batteries and the longer distances being driven by the latest electric vehicles."

BP Chargemaster’s Polar network has about 7,000 publicly available charging points, including ultra-fast 150kW chargers on BP forecourts. BP’s first 150kW forecourts are already live in London and Essex, with other installations in England and Wales going live imminently, and the first sites in Scotland due before the end of the year.

The company says it is committed to developing the largest ultra-fast public charging network in the UK.