The first Turtle Wax branded Christ rollover car wash in the UK went straight from its launch at the IFFE exhibition to the Jet forecourt at Rockingham Road, Corby in Northamptonshire, owned by Brobot, one of the UK’s top 50 independent forecourt owners.


Brobot director, Eddie Bright, said: “We were looking for a new machine for the site and we had operated Christ machines in the past, so we knew they were functional and reliable.


“When Marc Ford from Wilcomatic showed us the pictures of the machine on the IFFE stand, we realised it offered everything we required. It had the wash programmes we wanted to offer our customers, it was the right price and it had the strong branding of Turtle Wax. When customers see the cartoon logo and the colour scheme it instantly conveys an expected quality.”


Kat Brown, manager of the site, has been delighted with its performance.


“It’s going very well and is proving really popular with the customers. We have been a long time without a car wash, so we expected the trade would go elsewhere and it would be hard to get it back, but the Turtle Wax branding has done the job.”


While installing the new equipment, Wilcomatic also sorted out a long-standing problem. Because of the layout of the site, vehicles were occasionally entering from the wrong direction, so Wilcomatic installed an automatic barrier across the exit, which only opens when the wash is complete.


The site also has Turtle Wax-branded jet washes.


Kevin Pay, Wilcomatic’s managing director, said: "The Turtle Wax branding, which uses fun characters and an instantly recognisable colour scheme, shouts quality to potential customers.

"The striking signs will raise customer awareness of what a wash site has to offer and highlight the environmentally friendly nature of modern car washes.”


The pos material available includes: pump toppers, wash bay window posters, menu boards, pole sign stickers, facia stickers, disclaimer notices and shop posters.