Brulines Fuel Solutions has launched a one-stop-shop wetstock management service addressing the three core issues of fuel loss, margin control and asset management.

The ‘end to end fuel asset management’ service can provide real-time data analysis, full facilities management, individual maintenance and repair services, as well as capital projects such as tank lining and equipment installation.

Phil Prow, sales and marketing director at Brulines, said: “Many of our customers tell us they see the main function of the fuel operation is to bring in customers for the shop, but it is the wet side that provides the most headaches.

“Our complete fuel asset management package takes away many of those headaches and the cost can often be offset by the savings that come from improved margin control, higher site up-time and reduced operating costs.”

Phil Maud, managing director of Brulines, added that although each product and service can be provided individually, the maximum benefit is often derived when they are packaged together.

“For example, the loss management package includes real-time continuous fuel monitoring, which incorporates meter drift and flow analysis to ensure maximum performance from dispensers and reduces fuel giveaway,” said Maud. “Combining this with new features such as overnight theft monitoring and temperature analysis provides tangible reductions in fuel loss.

“The same can be said of our asset management package, where retailers can rely on us to manage all their contractors, ensure they are compliant with all regulations and manage capital projects and programmes. This often leads to reduced operating and capital costs.”