Car manufacturers are being encouraged to reintroduce LPG powered models to their UK ranges as concerns about vehicle emissions and air quality problems have increased following the scandal surrounding Volkswagen’s fixing of emission tests.

In mainland Europe, more than 17 vehicle manufacturers offer LPG powered models, some of which are even manufactured in the UK. However, no vehicle manufacturers currently offer LPG variants within their UK range.

Rob Shuttleworth, chief executive of LPG trade association UKLPG, said: “Recent research carried out by Atlantic Consulting, which compared tailpipe emissions of vehicles powered by automotive LPG, petrol and diesel, found, not surprisingly, that diesel cars emit on average five times more NOx than automotive LPG.

“In addition, the Low CVP Infrastructure Road Map has identified that the delivery of 40,000 automotive LPG conversions each year until 2030 could be a significant contributor to the UK’s carbon targets. Current demand levels for the fuel could quadruple, while petrol and diesel requirements could decrease by 50% to 80% between now and 2050.

“Taking all of this into account, we urge the automotive industry to give consumers the chance to benefit from this proven solution by seizing the immediate opportunity to reduce NOx emissions and reintroduce automotive LPG powered vehicles to UK vehicle production lines.”

Linda Gomersall, general manager of LPG supplier Autogas, said: “For some time we’ve been calling on vehicle manufacturers to offer UK motorists the same level of choice as those in mainland Europe with the re-introduction of LPG variants into their range.

“It’s clear from the latest revelations about emissions that UK businesses and individuals want a credible, cleaner alternative immediately. LPG is a proven, cleaner solution with an established refuelling and servicing infrastructure already in place. We simply need vehicle manufacturers to make LPG ready cars available in the UK and together we can help make a significant improvement to the UK’s air quality.”

She added: “The LPG solution is cleaner, proven and readily available so we’d urge car makers to make them available at their earliest opportunity.”