A cash machine at a petrol station in Bristol has been blown up, following on from a similar attack at a garage in the city last month.

Police and firefighters were called to the Texaco garage on the A420, Bell Hill Road in St George, at 3.10am on Thursday May 15, after residents reported a loud bang which shook houses.

Avon and Somerset Police cordoned off the site and firefighters extinguished a fire. The metal casing of the cash machine had been blown apart, and part of it was burning in the road.

A police spokeswoman said the petrol station was closed at the time of the attack and that no money was stolen.

She added that it was too early to tell whether the incident was linked with a similar attack on a cash point last month, which saw £10 notes scattered across a forecourt.

In that attack, in the early hours of Thursday April 3, robbers targeted the ATM at the Esso service station on Hartcliffe Way, Bedminster.

The blast fired its front front panel about five metres forward, allowing the cash to fly out.