A petrol station cashier has been jailed after she stole nearly £3,000 in takings.

Anna Dancova, 45, admitted stealing £2,893, belonging to Shell, at the Moody Lane filling station, Grimsby, in August 2011.

Jeremy Evans, prosecuting, told Grimsby Crown Court that Dancova had been working at the petrol station for nine months at the time.

She stole the money after working an overnight shift on her own. A supervisor discovered the money was missing the next morning.

Dancova was not arrested until March this year. She had gone to Leeds after setting up a new identity. She was originally from the Czech Republic and was wanted under a European arrest warrant. She was also facing proceedings before Westminster magistrates.

The allegations she faced included fraud and robbery dating back to 2006.

Craig Lowe, mitigating, said mother-of-four Dancova was in a “pickle” and was likely to be extradited before the end of the year. She was very sorry for stealing the money from the petrol station.

“If she could, she would hand it back,” he said. “She feels particularly bad for the manager of the garage because he was particularly good to her.”

Judge David Tremberg told Dancova: “When the authorities became interested in you, you stole this money and ran off to Leeds, taking your sister’s identity to start a new life.

“There are, no doubt, a lot of cash-strapped people working in positions of trust all over the country.

“The courts must send out a clear message that, if you are caught with your hand in the till, you are going to get locked up.”

Dancova, who was already in custody in Holloway Prison, was jailed for 12 weeks.