The Government and local councils have invested millions of pounds on building thousands of electric car charging points that barely anyone uses, according to the Independent.

It said ministers confirmed that public money had been used to construct a network of 57,567 publicly-funded charging points as of the end of the last financial year.

But this figure is roughly double the number electric cars actually registered in Britain – around 24,500 as of December 2014, according to the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

Despite the rarity of electric cars, there are now more than six times as many charging points in Britain as there are petrol stations.

In 2013 the Government unveiled a £37m grant package to build the charging stations, with cash-strapped local councils forking out even more money to install the points.

The grant was part of a £400m commitment towards encouraging the take-up of similar cars.

“This investment underlines the Government’s commitment to making sure that the UK is a world leader in the electric car industry,” transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin said at the time.