Tiverton Service Station in Devon is again embracing the annual Black Friday this November 27th with some deep one-off price cuts.

The forecourt shop was recently refurbished, and now incorporates the town’s first Vaping counter, reflecting the switch away from cigarettes and into electronic vaping. Vaping tank starter kits will be offered at half the usual price as a one-off deal over the weekend.

Other deals are being lined up, including a 2ppl reduction in petrol and diesel prices between 9am and 5pm on the day.

Black Friday started in the US before being introduced in the UK. Its name originates from the heavy and disruptive pedestrian traffic that occurs on the day following Thanksgiving. Last year’s US Black Friday spend was $50.9bn. In the UK the day has grown in popularity in recent years, although Asda has announced it won’t be taking part this year.

The store’s director, Clive Sheppard, said: “This will be the third year in which we’ve offered special Black Friday deals. It gives us the chance to showcase some particular lines, move out old stock, and offer extra value to our customers. It’s a bit of fun which hopefully gives people something to smile about.”

Tiverton Service Station is one of nine sites across the West Country owned by Chartman Group, which was ranked 38th in the most recent Top 50 Indies.