Grangemouth management will continue conciliatory talks at ACAS this afternoon with the Unite union in an attempt to avert a 48-hour strike which threatens the future of the Scottish refinery.

Following the adjournment of yesterday’s talks, Pat Rafferty Unite Scottish secretary, said: "Ineos management effectively imposed an adjournment on today’s mediation at 8pm by leaving the meeting; very much a case of last-in, first-out.

"We are very disappointed matters could not be progressed this evening particularly as we presented a number of proposals in a bid to resolve this dispute and we were prepared to work throughout the night if need be.

"At this point in time, it seems Ineos management are more concerned about heading back to Grangemouth to continue with the cold shutdown of the site rather than working with us here at ACAS to keep the site open.

"Further talks are scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but we are approaching them more in hope than any great expectation."