Asda has won planning permission for a filling station at its store in Hereford, despite claims from some councillors that it will increase congestion at an already busy roundabout in the city.

The council’s planning committee was told Highways England believed the development would not bring about a ‘severe impact’ on the traffic and would only attract 64 more vehicles during rush hour to the 3,000 which already use the route.

However, the Evesham Journal reported that councillor Len Tawn said: “I believe it will have a severe impact as everybody will know that a minor accident or breakdown anywhere near the bridge causes complete chaos. So this will adversely affect the safe flow of traffic.”

Councillors had also raised concerns over the image that the petrol station would give to Hereford visitors. Councillor Antony Powers said: “This is an important gateway to the city in a conservation area.

“This is no way good enough for such an important location. If all the council can do is throw our arms in the air then we need to look at our policies.”

Despite several members opposing the plans, council officers said that a rejection decision would be hard to defend if it was then appealed

The £1.5m station will have 12 pumps and the option for customers to pay at the pump or kiosk.