To celebrate its 25th anniversary Costcutter has launched two new store fascias that will be rolled out across the group early next year.

As part of a wider modernisation campaign the traditional white Costcutter fascia has been refreshed and is complemented by the launch of the myCostcutter brand.

The brand transformation follows extensive market research and consultation with Costcutter retailers, which identified the need to segment the convenience market.

The move sees an evolution of the ubiquitous Costcutter brand, which is Proud to be Local, simplifying the fascia and introducing a cleaner, fresher feel while ensuring its key strengths – its instant recognisability – remains at its core.

The introduction of the myCostcutter brand with vibrant black, red and green colourways, heralds a significant departure from the traditional white and green, and ushers in a superior brand experience. Remaining loyal to Costcutter’s value promises, the new premium-feel fascias provide retailers with the opportunity to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace.

Ian Bishop, Costcutter marketing director, said: “We felt it was vital to the continued growth of Costcutter to introduce these new-look fascias. The Costcutter brand sits firmly in the middle market and will continue to do so, delivering exceptional value to its customers.

“The introduction of the myCostcutter brand, with its distinctive look, is at the request of retailers who want to differentiate themselves and provide their customers with an increased premium product offering. We are particularly excited about the role myCostcutter will play in Northern Ireland where we believe this new format will be very well received.”

The full myCostcutter package introduces new colours, layouts and textured finishes throughout the store, maintaining a high end environment.

Bishop added: “This really does signal a new era for Costcutter and convenience retailing in general. The myCostcutter brand will reward disciplined retailers who continually strive to achieve the highest standards, providing the perfect platform from which to grow their business by appealing to a new market segment.”

The new branding is enhanced by the creation of new store exterior guidelines, including open window displays allowing customers to see into the store and more natural light to flood in, creating a more welcoming atmosphere. The innovation continues in store with clearly defined zones providing greater sight lines and improved customer navigation.