Car Wash Campaign Group chairman David Charman has called on retailers not to give up on their car wash business, but to join his group and be part of the resurgence and success of the car wash industry.

Charman is heading the CWCG which has been formed to inform the public about the

improvements in the industry, and to counter the threat posed by those car washes operating outside the law - most notably hand car washes.

"We have had some positive discussions with the Environment Agency and Defra, who are now very aware of the problems that the industry and the environment face from illegal hand car wash outfits.

"However, this is only part of the problem," he stressed. "The car wash industry has not previously marketed itself well and is sometimes seen by the general public as having a poor image with regard to reliability, or causing scratches or damage to cars. We all need to work together to turn this opinion around. There is, without doubt, more chance that your car would be scratched in a poorly-run hand car wash which does not meet the standards of a high-tech modern car wash. It mystifies me therefore when I read of retailers’ reluctance to invest in today’s excellent and innovative wash technology, or worse, allowing a third party to operate and make a profit on their site. We cannot allow ourselves to be threatened by an inferior service. For the first time we have an opportunity to work as one for a common goal." Call 01732 840000 for more details.