Seventy thousand lines across more than 40 categories is what Palmer & Harvey’s Plus Extra third-party drop-shipment scheme offers forecourt retailers.

"We’ve leveraged our scale and converted the substantial buying power we command from supplying 20,000 independent retailers to negotiate deep discounts and exclusive pricing on household lines that can’t be beaten," explains Richard Hayhoe, director of marketing at the company. "This means forecourt retailers benefit from the serious clout a huge company like P&H has with suppliers." And those suppliers number more than 220.

Hayhoe says exclusive products help retailers maximise their sales.

"There’s advice available too for retailers who want to extend their product ranges. In addition, Plus Extra members benefit from consolidated weekly statements as well as the support of a centralised accounting function and best of all, there’s no charge it’s completely free," he explains.

"The choice we offer is fully in tune with what today’s shoppers want and expect from their neighbourhood store."

Extra lines

The relaunch of Plus Extra has seen the introduction of more ethnic ranges including Halal products. There are also more local suppliers involved offering things like sandwiches, chilled foods and bakery lines. There are also extra services including Western Union, ATMs and telecomms.

"The single guiding principle of this service is delivering more value with better discounts," explains Hayhoe.

Already the scheme is a huge success. P&H reports that year-on-year category increases include uplifts of 109% on health and beauty lines; 75% on health foods; 42% on coal and charcoal; 21% on bake-off; 14% on coffee-to-go; and 4% on fruit and vegetables.

Any retailer wishing to become a Plus Extra member should call the hotline on 08706 080808.